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New Arsenal stable and devel series


As we discussed at Monday's UDS session, I've set up a 1.x (stable) and
2.x (devel) series.

I've also left untouched the old 'trunk' series, to avoid any disruption
to anyone using it, and because I see there are still some open merge
proposals.  However, I would encourage everyone to shift to the 1.x
branch if you are using it for production needs and need stability, or
to 2.x if they are planning on doing development work.

Currently, the 1.x tree is identical to the trunk series.  Ursula is the
release coordinator for this branch, so all changes to it need review
and approval from her.  Merge proposals should be limited to bugfixes or
safe, well-tested small feature work.  You can check it out via this

    bzr branch lp:arsenal/1.x

The 2.x tree is open for development.  I've merged in my own work, which
is focused around cleanup of the old Xorg scripts.  I'll kick off
discussion threads about development plans and ideas subsequently, but
this should give something tangible to look at.  Meanwhile please feel
free to start posting branches for review of any development work you'd
like included.