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lpltk project and stable/devel trees


I've set up a separate sub-project for lpltk (aka
python-launchpadlib-toolkit), and like with Arsenal have split it into a
stable 1.x branch managed by ursula and a devel 2.x branch.

Both branches are copies of the arsenal lpltk branch, so transitioning
to these new branches should be trivial.  You can check them out now

  bzr branch lp:lpltk/1.x   # stable, bugfix-only


  bzr branch lp:lpltk       # open development

This list (arsenal-user@) will be used as the main discussion list.
Please feel free to post merge proposals against lp:lpltk and I'll try
to give speedy reviews.

Going forward, I would like to encourage new code be accompanied with
corresponding unit tests, so we can try to build toward a comprehensive
test suite.  We lack adequate scaffolding to write comprehensive tests,
so I don't think we can make it a requirement, but use your judgment.