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Arsenal sub-projects breakout


Over the past month or so I've been splitting out chunks of arsenal
which don't involve listings of bug reports, into their own projects in

These projects are sub-projects under the umbrella 'arsenal-project'


This project is maintained by the arsenal-devel team.  Adding a new
sub-project can be done by any member of that team.  If you're not in
the team (or would like feedback), post a proposal to this mailing list
for review.

arsenal (stable + devel)
Report generator.  Retrieves (and caches) data from bug trackers and
renders Javascript-enabled HTML pages using templates written in mako.

lpltk (stable + devel)
python-launchpadlib-toolkit is our high level reusable interface to
Launchpad's service.  It cares for credential management, in-memory
response caching, and a wide array of reusable functionality for
managing Bugs, Packages, Teams, and more.

upstreamer (devel)
A CGI web program to translate a Launchpad bug into a Bugzilla bug for
forwarding to an upstream bug tracker.  Does rote stuff like setting the
priority, tags, cleaning up the description, etc. to make forwarding
bugs less time consuming.

bugbot (devel)
Cron-able scripts for processing and updating bug reports.  For expiring
old bugs, requesting re-testing, and so on.

ppa-dev-tools (devel)
Several command-line utilities for creating, deleting, updating, and
managing PPAs.

chartist (experimental)
Currently empty; will be home to TBD Launchpad bug statistics SVG
graphing script(s).

I might move the current gnuplot charting scripts here from arsenal
temporarily, to tidy up the arsenal tree.

arsenal-website (experimental)
Currently empty; this will host the main arsenal website and mako-based
page generator.  Still TBD exactly what this will contain or where it
will be hosted.