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Various tasks for the development branch


Someone had asked to see what tasks there were for the development tree
that others people could work on.  Here's some items that I think anyone
could work on:

 * Add to wiki.ubuntu.com/Arsenal
   - Start a FAQ.  (Rule is, only add questions that someone *actually* asked.)
   - Write tutorial about the Arsenal 1.0 collect-bug-data script
   - Write tutorial about the Arsenal 1.0 reporter script
   - Add this TODO list

 * Port python-launchpadlib-toolkit to python 3
   - Blocked by python-launchpadlib being ported, but that's In Progress
   - Review code and build a todo list of what will need changed

 * lpltk development
   - Write code documentation for python-launchpadlib-toolkit API
     routines.  Needed for when we generate web docs via pydoctor.
   - Convert packaging to dh_python2 instead of python-central
   - Eliminate the 'bug' parameter to Person().  It appears to be
     completely unused.

 * 1.x development
   - Review all extant branches, and identify any that need merged.
     Mark remainder as Abandoned, Merged, or Experimental.

 * 2.x development
   - arsenal/ubuntu.py: Update with current Ubuntu details
   - Create script that returns the union, intersection,
     difference of two JSON files.
   - Create icons for arsenal-devel, arsenal-user, and lpltk 

If no one else does them I will get to them eventually.

Once I have some docs and examples for the 2.x branch I'll have more
development tasks that folks can work on.

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