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Announcing lpltk 1.0 (+ proposed changes policy)


I've bumped the stable branch from 0.5 to 1.0, with one minor bug fix
(#988312).  Along with this I've filed an SRU to get the fix into

I'd like to propose that as a general policy for the lpltk 1.x branch
that we keep it in sync with what's in precise-proposed.  So in other
words, all changes to lpltk 1.x should be SRU'd to precise.

This would be pretty restrictive, but following the SRU process would
give us a defined level of rigor for deciding what should be included.
Also, I figure people who care about this level of stability quite
likely will be on precise already, and would prefer pulling fixes from
precise-updates rather than a PPA.

What do you think?


P.S., This policy would be only for lpltk 1.x, not arsenal 1.x; arsenal
is not in the Ubuntu archive.

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