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Re: Bazel build issue on RISC-V


On Monday, December 28, 2020, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <
glaubitz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> The problem is that Google has a reputation for quickly abandoning
> when they feel it no longer has any commercial value for them.
> So if the community heavily invests into fixing their bugs, they risk
> up having spent lots of time and energy into something that will be
> upstream.

... for which they didn't get paid, yet the Corporation that created the
software got plenty of profit.

when this exploitation and spongeing stops, Olek, your desires, which are
perfectly reasonable, will easily be met.

may i recommend contacting the Bazel team to point out the high strategic
value of having stable cross-architecture debian packaging (by
significantly increasing the reach), with a view to having them either take
direct responsibility for fixing the packaging themselves (where it would
then no longer be viewed as exploitation and spongeing) or to speak with
their management to provide adequate sponsorship?

ultimately if the software proves its value and creates a large community
ecosystem, then the chances become much higher that someone from that
community will step forward and pick up Bazel stable maintenance even if
google abandons it (like they have done so many times already).

however during its early development, before it reaches that point?  yeah
this is just not a reasonable expectation unless accompanied by adequate
financial compensation.


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