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Bug #1109687 - Precision of some values


   Hello fellow devs,

   I have been looking over some of the "bugs" and feature requests on
   launchpad and this one has jumped out at me, mainly because the issue
   raised does bug my a little too.

   In short, when designing my recipe and brewday I tend to work in numbers
   that I can successfully measure - quantities in half litres, temperature to
   one decimal place, etc.

   What I think could be done is add in a "precision" section to the
   options dialog that will allow a user to set the level of decimal precision
   they would like. We could allow three separate settings, one for volume,
   one for temperature and one for mass. For me it would most likely be one
   decimal place for Volume and Temp, and probably 3 decimal places for mass
   so hops could be measured down to the gram.

   Any thoughts on this? If it sounds like a good idea then I might have a
   stab at it over the next couple of weeks.



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