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database conversions


One of the things rolling around in my head right now is how to fix the
Windows conversions. I have a question and a few ideas that I would like to
throw out.

Why are we storing anything in the options.xml? The problem right now with
our upgrade process is that each new version installs its own options.xml
and we have no way of knowing a previous version was installed, let alone
where it lives. We have converted everything else to the database. What
makes this one special? Could we use the Qt properties instead?

My idea is that we put the user_data_dir into the Qt properties. This will
persist over upgrades. We can then add another attribute, sort of like
'converted', to simply log which version was last run. If our current
version > last version, look for the database in user_data_dir and do
whatever it is we do when we upgrade.

But rocketman usually has reasons for what he does, and I don't like just
randomly changing stuff without understanding why it was done that way.


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