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A new mash type


One of the things I would like to include in v2.1 is a new options tab
called "Process" where you can define things like you crush your own
grains, you add grain to water, you fly sparge, etc.

Depending on what you have selected, it will have different effects. For
example, stating that you crush your own grain adds a new step saying to
crush the grains and modifies later steps to simple say "add crushed grain".

Sparging is presenting me a problem. Currently, the only way we know a step
is a sparge step is that the name of the step is "Final Batch Sparge". This
fails on numerous levels: I am fairly certain our European brewing brethren
do not spell it "final batch sparge"; changing the name of the step breaks
the mash wizard; and I just sort of cringe at doing this.

I would propose we deviate from the BeerXML standard* and create a new mash
type called "Sparge" that we can use to show a mash step is a sparge. I
will need to contemplate how this will affect the interface and if there is
any way to retroactively guess if a step is a sparge or not. When spitting
the recipe out to BeerXML, we will change the type from "Sparge" to
"Infusion" so that we retain compatibility with the spec.

I want to make sure this idea has merit and meets with general approval
before putting a lot of work into it. If it does, I will submit the
necessary tickets and split that activity out from my current playing
around. If it doesn't, I will grumble a lot and continue with the text


* - In a broader sense, I really would prefer to simply ditch the spec
entirely in the database and only worry about it in the XML output routines.

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