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Morning All,

Due to the fact that gitorious will no longer be hosting our project, I
have moved all our repos and wiki articles to github.


Please point your local repos to the new github repos by following the
steps below.

## Moving Your Repos to Github

First, fork the upstream brewtarget repo by clicking `Fork` here:


Navigate to your local repo and remove the `upstream` and `origin` remotes

    git remote remove upstream
    git remote remove origin

Add them back, pointing to the new repositories

    git remote add upstream https://github.com/Brewtarget/brewtarget.git
    git remote add origin git@xxxxxxxxxx:<your-username>/brewtarget.git

Fetch them

    git fetch upstream
    git fetch origin

Reset your local master

    git checkout master
    git reset --hard origin/master

Push any local branches to your fork

    git push -u origin my-branch-1
    git push -u origin my-branch-2

## Merge Request Repushes

The following merge requests need to be repushed via github's "pull
request" mechanism.

  - [MR 106: inventory icon](
  - [MR 107: ingredient cost](

## Join Brewtarget Developers Group

Once you're set up, join the "Brewtarget/Developers" group


Dr. Philip G. Lee