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Brewtarget Settings and User Directory


Hello devs,

I have a problem I wanted to solve and multiple way to solve it. I thought
somebody might have an opinion on this.

My goal is to have multiple instance of Brewtarget running side by side. At
best, this would mean multiple instance of the same version, but at least I
want different version to use different settings.

The current QSettings are using the scope <user:scoped, brewtarget,
brewtarget>. This means that all versions will store (and overwrite) all
others configuration. Including user configuration dir.

Anyway, here are the two suggested solutions :

1. Adding the version to the application name. Therefore changing
brewtarget -> brewtarget-2.1.0. We would then have per-version Settings

2. Adding a Command Line Option user-data-dir that, if present, overwrite
all other option. This would let me add this line to the shortcut and make
sure that I can test without interference.

So, what's your opinion?


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