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Re: Working as a team


Good point but I think it's possible to sort of do both.

I'd like to see the list more active with people describing what they are doing and HOW they are doing it.

I've been floundering around trying to get focused with little success until I picked a single package that I want to have fewer bugs. I'm kind of getting my understanding of the problems in much better shape. Now I have to figure out what to do with that.

Perhaps if people do as you suggest Vishnoo and find something that interesting to them and tell the rest of us new guys about it there will be some commonality and cooperation. It will probably be hard to find one project that lights everybody's fire but there has to be a lot of overlap of the packages we use often.

I'll offer the challenge to all to come up with one buggier than vncserver.


I sent this from the wrong email account. I apologize if you get a duplicate after the first one is approved.

On 03/28/2011 10:36 PM, Vishnoo wrote:
On Mon, 2011-03-28 at 17:57 -0600, Ronny Cardona wrote:
Thanks for your comments.

Draycen, that's what I'm talking about :D

I think that you, mentors, should select the package(s) that we should work
You've started a great Idea.

But it is not easy suggesting which package someone else should work on.
Sometimes people loose interest in something they are told to do.. ;-)

How one can choose a package is by thinking what about they like,
easiest are the application packages.
Someone can just say, "OH! I like Banshee and I want to help improve it"
and start looking at Banshee bugs.

So, I'd suggest that each person think what they like and what they are
interested in.