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Re: Status of the mentorship, request for feedback


Hi ..C..,

1. Re-reading the triage documentation

2. Less then 10, I started out in March or so. 2 reasons for this low
number, first personal life (just bought a house, it needs some work) and
second the rather high learning curve for both traiging bugs as well as
learning all the software and ins and outs of ubuntu itself. Online wiki
documentation is ok, but sometimes I have the feeling each bug demands a
different and individual approach, which off course makes it hard to write
good documentation.

3. Closer follow-up in the beginning

4. Nice documentation and irc contacts, some of them helped me out traiging.

So here's my 2 cents on the issue:

I don't know what the structure and organisation was before I joined, but
I've got the feeling that new mentees are somewhat lost in the large group.
I think that, if one or maybe 2 mentors are closer to a small group of
mentees, contacts will be made easier. The group won't seem so large to new
mentees, and you will get to know other mentees/your mentors quicker.
Creating a structure of smaller groups, called subsquads, lead by one or 2
mentors, might be a solution.

Secondly, I think new mentees are also lost in the huge pile of bugs. I
wonder if there's a way to create some more order in this pile. For
instance: you could assign a group of packages and their related bugs to an
above mentioned subsquad. This way, a subsquad becomes "responsible" for a
series of packages and their related bugs. This assignment of packages can
be dynamic, so the load of untriaged bugs is more or less the same for all

Maybe mentees can have more assistance as well. I remember a mail in which
mentors urged the mentees to ask for assistance when triaging bugs. Due to
the nature of (some) people, maybe it's better if the mentors gave
assistance to mentees instead of waiting to be asked for assistance. So,
more *coaching* of the mentors towards the mentees and asking mentee
feedback on a regular base. The above proposed subsquad structure could make
this coaching easier.

Off course this is just my 2 cents and maybe this all has been said before,
but I'm only trying to start a discussion here to find a solution ;-).



On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 7:26 PM, C de-Avillez <hggdh2@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> All,
> During today's BugSquad meeting we considered the current status of
> the mentorship programme. All in all, we do not think it has been
> helping much.
> We would like to have the feedback of the current mentees:
> 1. What are you doing now in regard to the mentorship programme?
> 2. Since you started, how many bugs have you worked on? Give an
> estimate -- 1, 10, 100, 1000, etc.
> 3. What did you expect from the mentorship programme? Please be as
> detailed as possible.
> 4. What did you *get* from the mentorship programme? Again, please
> be as detailed as poosible.
> I intend to query LP for the activities of each of your, as another
> datum we will use for analysis.
> Thank you,
> ..C..
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