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Re: (Relative) newbie fixes some doc bugs: thoughts and experiences


On Tuesday 24 November 2009 16:00:38 Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> Neil Martinsen-Burrell wrote:
> > I had a go at a handful of doc bugs this weekend and I've got some
> > thoughts for people who want to get involved for the first time.
> Hi Neil,
> Thank you so much for both your patches and this email.
> >  My personal style is


I have been looking through the main mail list for a while and  have seen your 
name around for some time, so I will direct my question to you as more 
knowledgeable person on this limited list.

In the document on the wiki that Ian Clatworthy has referred to right at the 
beginning of this mailing list,


there is a link to the branch of a document The Plugins Guide at


I did get a branch of it via the bzr branch <lp~ etc> command, changed to the 
directory where it is stored then changed to directory en/.  Then tried to run 
make html thus:

ak@primo:~/plugin_docs/bzr-plugins-guide/en$ make html

After a series of warning messages, it produced an output in build directory, 

When this file is opened with a browser, a well presented index page is shown. 
All links on it are not operative.  Now, I am ignorant of make and oblivious 
of how Sphinx 0.5.2 is functioning.  Also, I am rather ignorant of plugins 
features of bazaar.  It is a good time to read a current draft of plugins 
guide in order to move a step forward from a "dead man walking" position.

Can you tell me how to produce the guide from the source, please.  If you do 
not have the full answer, then tell me what *you* know about the process of 
compiling the guide and I thank you in anticipation.

I guess I could ask Ian C. or Martin P. for help, but that seems to me a wrong 
path as these guys are so deep into it that they should be left to do their 
job and only asked as the last resource (before giving up, and I am not giving 
up).  OTOH, if they choose to answer, then all I can do is to thank them 


Algis Kabaila, MEngSc, PhD(Eng)

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