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Re: (Relative) newbie fixes some doc bugs: thoughts and experiences


Algis Kabaila wrote:

> Can you tell me how to produce the guide from the source, please.  If you do 
> not have the full answer, then tell me what *you* know about the process of 
> compiling the guide and I thank you in anticipation.
> I guess I could ask Ian C. or Martin P. for help, but that seems to me a wrong 
> path as these guys are so deep into it that they should be left to do their 
> job and only asked as the last resource (before giving up, and I am not giving 
> up).  OTOH, if they choose to answer, then all I can do is to thank them 
> profusely.

Hi Al,

In this case, the ball is definitely in my court because generating the
Plugin Guide is very rough and undocumented. There's a reason it's still
just a +junk branch. :-)

There's a magic script in the en directory called build-topics.py. You
run it like this:



  ./build-topics.py xxx > xxx-plugin.txt

where xxx is a plugin name. If you use the simple form (no parameter),
topics are generated for all plugins in the Guide. The catch is that
you'll need all those plugins installed to get the full result.
Otherwise, topics will only be generated for plugins you have installed.

There's one practical problem with this: I don't want 50+ plugins always
installed just so I can build the Plugin Guide. So here's my setup:

  ~/.bazaar/plugins.on - the plugins I personally use
  ~/.bazaar/plugins.guide - the plugins in the guide

I then have ~/.bazaar/plugins as a symbolic link to one of the above,
depending on whether I'm building the Plugins Guide or not.

I'll get it better documented and merge the Plugins Guide into
lp:bzr-alldocs soon. That will make contribution easier. Until then, I
hope the above helps.

Ian C.

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