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Re: (Relative) newbie fixes some doc bugs: thoughts and experiences


On Wednesday 25 November 2009 10:17:55 Ian Clatworthy wrote:
> Hi Al,
> There's a magic script in the en directory called build-topics.py. You
> run it like this:
>   ./build-topics.py
> or
>   ./build-topics.py xxx > xxx-plugin.txt
> where xxx is a plugin name. If you use the simple form (no parameter),
> topics are generated for all plugins in the Guide. The catch is that
> you'll need all those plugins installed to get the full result.
> Otherwise, topics will only be generated for plugins you have installed.
> There's one practical problem with this: I don't want 50+ plugins always
> installed just so I can build the Plugin Guide. So here's my setup:
>   ~/.bazaar/plugins.on - the plugins I personally use
>   ~/.bazaar/plugins.guide - the plugins in the guide
> I then have ~/.bazaar/plugins as a symbolic link to one of the above,
> depending on whether I'm building the Plugins Guide or not.
I have a somewhat similar arrangement: - the symbolic links in my 
~/.bazaar/plugins points are:

explorer -> /home/ak/bzr-explorer/
qbzr -> /home/ak/qbzr

I do not have *any* plugins installed, other than the qbzr itself, which 
apparently gives me access to a list of plugins.  I guess I should start with 
installation of qpull separately  :)

> I'll get it better documented and merge the Plugins Guide into
> lp:bzr-alldocs soon. That will make contribution easier. Until then, I
> hope the above helps.

All great stuff, thank you. Gives me something to do.  At least there seems to 
be a way ahead.  Right now, however, I better complete a form for Centrelink 
for my spouse. Gee, are they ever very inquisitive at Centrelink...

Thank you Ian and thank you Martin - no good trying to save you guys from 
unnecessary work!


PS: Neil, I have an idea that wartburg.edu referrs to a Wartburg Uni in USA, 
not Germany, as the name of Wartburg would suggest?