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Re: Start on a System Administrator's Guide: lp:~nmb/bzr/admin-guide


On 2009-12-03 15:19 , Ian Clatworthy wrote:
If no one notices any egregious errors, I'll try to get this ready for
merging to trunk in a week or two.  Any volunteers to complete the
remaining sections on Security, PQM, Backups, Upgrades, etc. would be
most welcome.

Of these, I'd focus on Security and Backups as these are essential
topics for sysadmins. http://bazaar-vcs.org/BzrAccess may help.

Backups are done now. I'll take a look at the wiki page to guide me on security.

Any thought on multiple pages (User's Guide) versus one long page with a Table of Contents (HACKING)? For initial writing, it certainly makes sense to keep it all together, but for the final merge, I'd be willing to split it out into pages at the top level.

Another thought I had for this document is a section of use cases at the end with various complete configurations for different types of setups. I'm not an expert on how many different ways Bazaar can be deployed, so I could use some feedback on where to start.


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