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Re: Start on a System Administrator's Guide: lp:~nmb/bzr/admin-guide


Neil Martinsen-Burrell wrote:

> Any thought on multiple pages (User's Guide) versus one long page with a
> Table of Contents (HACKING)?  For initial writing, it certainly makes
> sense to keep it all together, but for the final merge, I'd be willing
> to split it out into pages at the top level.

I'd personally prefer topic-per-chapter. We should add the Admin Guide
into the set of PDF docs too (for people like me who prefer reading on
paper to screens).

> Another thought I had for this document is a section of use cases at the
> end with various complete configurations for different types of setups.
>  I'm not an expert on how many different ways Bazaar can be deployed, so
> I could use some feedback on where to start.

That's a nice idea. Even a single complete example on how to setup up a
smart server for in-house development would be very useful I feel.

Ian C.