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[Merge] ~raharper/cloud-init:fix-lp1619423 into cloud-init:master


Ryan Harper has proposed merging ~raharper/cloud-init:fix-lp1619423 into cloud-init:master.

Requested reviews:
  cloud init development team (cloud-init-dev)
Related bugs:
  Bug #1619423 in cloud-init: "snappy does not include ssh-import-id preventing cloud-init user-data from importing ssh-keys"

For more details, see:

debian: control.in add explicit package deps

Some builds systems (like Ubuntu-core) use --no-install-recommends and miss a number
of core dependency packages which breaks some core function of cloud-init when the
required binaries are not present.  Add these packages as explicit dependencies to 
the debian package.
Your team cloud init development team is requested to review the proposed merge of ~raharper/cloud-init:fix-lp1619423 into cloud-init:master.
diff --git a/packages/debian/control.in b/packages/debian/control.in
index b58561e..8a026be 100644
--- a/packages/debian/control.in
+++ b/packages/debian/control.in
@@ -21,7 +21,28 @@ Architecture: all
 Depends: procps,
-         ${${python}:Depends}
+         ${${python}:Depends},
+         apt,
+         cloud-guest-utils,
+         coreutils,
+         dash,
+         debconf,
+         e2fsprogs,
+         gnupg1 | gnupg2,
+         hostname,
+         ifupdown,
+         iproute2,
+         locales,
+         lsb-release,
+         mount,
+         net-tools,
+         passwd,
+         procps,
+         sed,
+         ssh-import-id,
+         systemd,
+         udev,
+         util-linux
 Recommends: eatmydata, sudo, software-properties-common, gdisk
 XB-Python-Version: ${python:Versions}
 Description: Init scripts for cloud instances

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