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Re: [Merge] ~raharper/cloud-init:fix-lp1619423 into cloud-init:master


$ cat go.sh
apt cloud-guest-utils coreutils dash debconf e2fsprogs gnupg2 hostname
ifupdown iproute2 locales lsb-release mount net-tools passwd procps sed
ssh-import-id systemd udev
for dep in $deps; do
   apt-cache show $dep | grep -qi "^Essential:" && r=essential || r=not
   printf "%-25s %s\n" "$dep" "$r"

$ sh ./go.sh
apt                       not
cloud-guest-utils         not
coreutils                 essential
dash                      essential
debconf                   not
e2fsprogs                 essential
gnupg2                    not
hostname                  essential
ifupdown                  not
iproute2                  not
locales                   not
lsb-release               not
mount                     essential
net-tools                 not
passwd                    not
procps                    not
sed                       essential
ssh-import-id             not
systemd                   not
udev                      not

So, todo here is:
a.) anything 'essential' does not have to be listed as a depends. Its assumed part of a Ubuntu system.
b.) That leaves the others...
Some that I think we should add for sure:
 - net-tools (and then subsequently remove it by dropping use of ifconfig in favor of ip)
 - iproute2: definitely should list this.
apt : seems like this should not be essential given snappy.  We use it if its there.
 - systemd: we should jsut not depend on this, but use the right init system wherever we are (could add systemd-init|upstart-init... but probably there *is* an init system).
 - udev: i guess depend on it if we use it.

Your team cloud init development team is requested to review the proposed merge of ~raharper/cloud-init:fix-lp1619423 into cloud-init:master.

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