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How to contribute / propose merges


Hey all,
 This should probably be in cloud-init source some where (merge proposals
expected/requested), but sending here just so people on this list are
generally aware.

To get changes into cloud-init, the process to follow is:

 *  get your changes into a local bzr branch:
    # init a repo, and checkout trunk (init repo is to share bzr info
    # across multiple checkouts, its different that git).
    bzr init-repo cloud-init
    bzr branch lp:cloud-init trunk.dist
    bzr branch trunk.dist my-topic-branch
 * commit your changes
    bzr commit
    # note, you can make multiple commits, fixes, more commits.
 * check pylint and pep8 and test , and address issues
    make test pylint pep8
 * push to launchpad to a personal branch:
    bzr push lp:~<YOUR_USERNAME>/cloud-init/<BRANCH_NAME>
 * propose that for a merge into lp:cloud-init via web browser
    # open the branch in launchpad, it will be at:
    # https://code.launchpad.net/<YOUR_USERNAME>/<PROJECT>/<BRANCH_NAME>
    # for example:
    # https://code.launchpad.net/~smoser/cloud-init/mybranch
    click 'propose for merging'
    select 'lp:cloud-init' as the target branch

 Then, someone on cloud-init-dev (currently myself and Joshua Harlow) will
review your changes and follow up in the merge request.
 Feel free to ping me on IRC if you have any questions.

Also, feel free to propose this documentation into a HACKING file or the