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Re: [ec2ubuntu] Re: Is it possible to pass a multipart cloud-init payload to an ubuntu vagrant box?


Scott, thanks for moving the discussion to the right place.  What you and
Ben suggest makes sense -- having a "vagrant datasource" does seem like the
right long-term approach.  Also makes sense to have the functionality live
in cloud-init rather than Vagrant, since the ubuntu cloud images are
certainly going to support fewer deployment paths than Vagrant will support
linux distros.

What can we do to help make it happen?  Did you and Ben have a general list
of TODOs for his branch that you linked below?

We're a python shop and have built a bunch of in-house infrastructure
around deploying ubuntu images on AWS, so if you want to make use of us to
help ship this feature we should be up to the task.


> On Fri, 22 Mar 2013, ian@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > I'm wondering the same thing -- insight on how to get multipart
> > userdata working with Vagrant would be really valuable.
> >
> > We've got several ideas:
> >
> >    - In Vagrant's provisioning step, invoke cloud-init from the shell,
> >    pass it our user-data.  This would be the easiest, but I can't
figure out
> >    if it's possible.
> >    - Bake a new Vagrant image with our own user-data in
> >    /var/lib/cloud/instances/nocloud/  This would mean a new image every
> >    the config changes.
> >    - Bake a new Vagrant image that points to a Datasource that we
> >     This seems like the most "correct" solution, since it would
parallel the
> >    way EC2 works.
> >
> > But again, if anyone has dealt with this already, it would save a bunch
> > people some headaches!
> Ben Howard has looked at this a bit.
> In my mind, the end goal would be to get a "vagrant datasource".  He did
> some work at
> but both of us agreed it wasn't really ready to be merged.
> I really would like to have vagrant use Ubuntu images, and IMHO (obviously
> I'm biased) I think it makes sense for vagrant to offload much of its
> instance-initialization to cloud-init.
> Also note, 'ec2ubuntu' is clearly a good source for information on
> cloud-init as there are lots of people here who have used it.  However,
> this thread seems really more "cloud-init" specific, so I've copied
> the cloud-init mailing list.  Please lets at least dual post there.  You
> can join that list at https://launchpad.net/~cloud-init
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Ian
> >