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cloud-init 0.7.5 released


Hello all,
I released 0.7.5 of cloud-init yesterday.
Source tarball is available for download from
https://launchpad.net/cloud-init/trunk/0.7.5 .

Cloud-init 0.7.5 contains many improvements and bugfixes over 0.7.4 and
contained source code contributions from 14 developers.  Thanks to all
those who participated.

Some new features of interest are:
 * New datasources for CloudSigma and Google Compute (GCE)
 * Native OpenStack datasource
 * status written to /run/cloud-init/status.json for consumption by other
 * support for 'vendor-data', which is essentially "User-data" provided by
   the vendor/cloud provider.  vendor-data is supported in NoCloud,
   SmartOS, Azure and Openstack datasources.

The full change log is below.
 - Add a debug log message around import failures
 - add a 'debug' module for easily printing out some information about
   datasource and cloud-init [Shraddha Pandhe]
 - support running apt with 'eatmydata' via configuration token
   apt_get_wrapper (LP: #1236531).
 - convert paths provided in config-drive 'files' to string before writing
   (LP: #1260072).
 - Azure: minor changes in logging output. ensure filenames are strings
   (not unicode).
 - config/cloud.cfg.d/05_logging.cfg: provide a default 'output' setting,
   to redirect cloud-init stderr and stdout /var/log/cloud-init-output.log.
 - drop support for resizing partitions with parted entirely (LP:
   #1212492).  This was broken as it was anyway.
 - add support for vendordata in SmartOS and NoCloud datasources.
 - drop dependency on boto for crawling ec2 metadata service.
 - add 'Requires' on sudo (for OpenNebula datasource) in rpm specs, and
   'Recommends' in the debian/control.in [Vlastimil Holer]
 - if mount_info reports /dev/root is a device path for /, then convert
   that to a device via help of kernel cmdline.
 - configdrive: consider partitions as possible datasources if they have
   the correct filesystem label. [Paul Querna]
 - initial freebsd support [Harm Weites]
 - fix in is_ipv4 to accept IP addresses with a '0' in them.
 - Azure: fix issue when stale data in /var/lib/waagent (LP: #1269626)
 - skip config_modules that declare themselves only verified on a set of
   distros.  Add them to 'unverified_modules' list to run anyway.
 - Add CloudSigma datasource [Kiril Vladimiroff]
 - Add initial support for Gentoo and Arch distributions [Nate House]
 - Add GCE datasource [Vaidas Jablonskis]
 - Add native Openstack datasource which reads openstack metadata
   rather than relying on EC2 data in openstack metadata service.
 - SmartOS, AltCloud: disable running on arm systems due to bug
   (LP: #1243287, #1285686) [Oleg Strikov]
 - Allow running a command to seed random, default is 'pollinate -q'
   (LP: #1286316) [Dustin Kirkland]
 - Write status to /run/cloud-init/status.json for consumption by
   other programs (LP: #1284439)
 - Azure: if a reboot causes ephemeral storage to be re-provisioned
   Then we need to re-format it. (LP: #1292648)
 - OpenNebula: support base64 encoded user-data
   [Enol Fernandez, Peter Kotcauer]