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IRC room dead? + Feature requests



A couple things to throw out there:

The ReadTheDocs documentation mentions a Freenode room #cloud-init.
I've jumped on a couple times and found it completely empty.  Is this
defunct or did it maybe move somewhere else and the docs just need to
be updated?

Also, I have two feature ideas / requests for cloud-init.  If I wasn't
an extremely weak programmer - really the stuff I cobble together in
Python is laughable - I would try to take a shot at one of both of
these features:

1.  Redhat Registration - I realize this was a Ubuntu program first,
and is maintained by Ubuntu folks, but really the program is becoming
universal.  I would love to be able to register new instances in
Openstack using rhn.

2.  The ability to tell cloud-init to set the hostname via resolution
of the IP it receives via DHCP.  I'm currently doing this with a
firstboot script via virt-sysprep, but that fires after cloud-init and
since I need my hostname in place before I puppetize an instance or
join it to RHN, I have to do those things outside of cloud-init.

 - Kodiak