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cloud-init Ubuntu testing for 20.3-2


Hi cloud-init community,

Upstream has begun verifying cloud-init version 20.3-2 which is queued for
upload into the following Ubuntu releases:
 - 16.04 (Xenial)
 - 18.04 (Bionic)
 - 20.04 (Focal)

The Ubuntu server team follows this SRU procedure before publishing to
stable Ubuntu releases: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CloudinitUpdates.

If you wish to perform some additional SRU verification tests on your cloud
platform of choice you can follow the procedure at:

We will track the Ubuntu SRU progress in the bug:
Feel free to attach any test report logs or feedback to that bug.

Any questions or concerns? Reply to this list or ping us on IRC @FreeNode
in the #cloud-init channel.