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DNS name resolution not working



I've installed Amazon Linux 2 in a VMware Workstation VM as described in

After starting up the VM I'm able to login as ec2-user, but the system is
unable to resolve any DNS names.  There is absolutely nothing in

I've tried manually adding nameservers to that file and restarting the
network service, still not resolving DNS names.

Also tried adding "DNS1=" and "DNS2=" to the "ifcfg-eth0" and
restarting the network service, but no love there either.

I've tried to understand cloud-init but I'm not getting anywhere with it.

So, questions are:

1) Can this be fixed after-the-fact on the current VM, and if so, how?

2) If I have to recreate the VM, what do I have to do differently?


Larry Menard
"Defender of Geese and of All Things Natural"
E-mail: larry.menard@xxxxxxxxx

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