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DHIS2-URL! The week in dhis2 development


Issue 1:  week Monday 11 May to Sunday 17 May


This is the first what will be weekly summaries of activities on dhis2
development.  Primarily it is intended as a quick reference to
happenings on launchpad over the past week.  Importantly it is NOT a
newsletter.  It is not the intention to provide any new content here.
Just brief summaries and pointers to existing information and ongoing
conversations.  For this week I'm limiting to brief round up of
conversations and bazaar commits.

As soon as I can reasonably figure out how to automatically capture
updates to blueprints I'll start sharing that too.  Meanwhile you can
see the latest roadmap view here

Conversations on dhis2-devs
A few issues emerging from implementation in Mozambique lead to this
message from Orvalho
(https://lists.launchpad.net/dhis2-devs/msg00947.html).  When is a
week a week?

Getting data in and out of dhis2 and using the report table (as an
intermediary)  has been the theme of a number of of discussions this
See this one from Cintia
(https://lists.launchpad.net/dhis2-devs/msg00965.html) regarding BIRT
and report tables.  Some helpful input from Ola and Murod.  Ola also
suggests the report table as a way towards getting csv formatted
output for DHIS1.4 consumption

Short listing of last week's bazaar commits:
  295 Jan Henrik Overland	2009-05-16
      Pageload source renamed.

  292 Lars Helge Oeverland	2009-05-14
      Added statement classes

  291 Lars Helge Oeverland	2009-05-14
      Added Statement interface

  290 Lars Helge Oeverland	2009-05-14
      Minor fix

  289 Jan Henrik Overland	2009-05-14
      Minor documentation updates.

  288 Jan Henrik Overland	2009-05-14
      Minor fix.

  287 Jan Henrik Overland	2009-05-14
      DHIS2 Geostat User Documentation added.

  286 Lars Helge Oeverland	2009-05-13
      Implemented exclusive group set structure resource table, will
get the name orgunitgroupsetexclusivestructure

  285 Lars Helge Oeverland	2009-05-11
      Updated local xwork config files

  284 Lars Helge Oeverland	2009-05-11
      Reduced the number of webwork actions defined in the config
files which are inherited, to avoid repetion when running as portal.
Unluckily this didn't help much on startup time, but committing now
and will investigate further

  283 Jan Henrik Overland	2009-05-11
      Added GetMapsByTypeAction class.

Thats it for this week.  Have a great week.


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