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Urgent :yes/no Data Element Saving issue in Tracker form sometime



I have an urgent issue here, any leads will be helpful.

I have a few tracker data elements of Yes/No type that don't save data
value sometimes in a Tracker program. The value is successfully entered
(check or cross in the box) but when I return to the form, it doesn't show
on the form AS WELL AS in REPORTS.

   - Its only sometimes that the value is not saved, because there are
   already about 700 records where the data value is saved.
   - Could it be because we have a custom css and since the yes/no data
   elements are changed from dropdown to radio buttons , it causes the problem
   - It is only Yes/no elements that are not shown, rest of the element
   values on the form are shown.
   - Data element configuration is correct.
   - Replacing the DE with a new one might not be the resolution because we
   are not sure how many of such elements that do not save data sometime.
   Also, the issue surfaced only after we had about 600 records already saved.
   We guessed that there might be some change in the DB that causing the
   issue. But even after the issue was reported, data still keeps saving most
   of the time , and now we have a total of 700 records.

Thank you

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