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Program Indicator using data from multiple event stages to find TEA


Hi all,

I'm trying to create a program indicator (or just query to the API
directly) that evaluates conditions on data elements from two different
event stages and then be used to find a relevant tracked entity attribute.

>From the docs, it seems that a program indicator type of enrollment would
be most appropriate, but this only works at the aggregate level and not at
an individual tracked entity instance level.  When I use an event type
indicator, I don't receive any values back because the indicator definition
contains data from two stages.

Am I correct in this assessment?  Any thoughts on how to get around this?

I've been testing on a v2.28 instance.  A similar reference example from
the demo server would be the "Weight gain(in g) between birth and last
postnatal for Child Programme" program indicator.  The one change would be
that I want to see the weight gain for individual TEIs and view a TEA based
on the weight gain amount instead of the average over all tracked entity

Thanks in advance,


Aaron C. White

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