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Database connection performance issue


Dear all,

After successful installed with your help to run with fresh new database, I
already did some test and now see a new issue relating to database and that
cause the system hang up after 30minutes usage

Here below are steps to duplicate

- Start PostgreSQL database server

- Open "Windows Task Management" and verify existing about 5 background
processes with name as "PostgreSQL Server"

- Try to connect to a database via pgAdmin, you will see one more
background process "PostgreSQL Server" appear. If you disconnect then the
background process will be disappeared. This seem improve that each
connection to database will raise a new separated background process

- Start Tomcat which contain only DHIS2, and verify that number of
"PostgreSQL Server" increase to about 9

- Try to use DHIS2 in about 30 minutes, the system work fine, UI feedback
speed as expected. But after 30 minutes, the system is hang up, the
response is so long and waiting icon appear with never know when exist. All
other action cant not support

- Open "Windows Task Management" again and verify that there are about 50
background processes "PostgreSQL Server" appeared

I worry that with huge number of background processes, mean a lot of
database connections opened that will take high percentage CPU usage and
will cause system hang up

Is that DHIS open different connections to database other than one unique
connection as usual? or I configuared something wrong?. Could anyone please
help me to get over this?

My pc is windows 8, 8Gb RAM, Postgre9.4, DHIS2.18,Java7

Best regards