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Re: Mix quarterly and monthly data in a (Jasper) report


Hi, It is not to answer the question but whoever is giving an input try to address mine also which is kind of related. I have the same requirement. Especially the monthly data are not coming from the same system. The monthly data is collected with simple spreadsheet with unique ID for the facility. The quarterly file is coming from DHIS2 based system.  the facility ID is also part of the dhis2 and included on the flat file produced from the Dhis2 system we are using.

Sisay A. Abayneh

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Subject: [Dhis2-users] Mix quarterly and monthly data in a (Jasper) report

We have a report that requires both montly & quartery data - basically, some information (quantity of services provided) are collected monthly, while another type (quality of service) is done quarterly. On months 1 and 2, we show only the quantity of services, but every third month, we need a report showing the quantity for the current month + the quality for the quarter.

Is this possible? Showing a mix of monthly data & quarterly values? Are there any examples working that way? Does anyone have the same requirement?



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