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Tracker capture: Complete button performance decreased since 2.30


Dear users,

Since we have upgraded our system to version 2.30 we have observed that
after clicking on the *Complete *button in an event it takes longer to
actually complete that event that it used to (it might take about 5 to 10
seconds from the moment we click the *Complete *button and the values
actually turning to grey). I have tested it in DHIS2 2.30 play version but
I see no disruption on performance. I was wondering if someone in here has
ever experienced something similar.

Also simulated through command line (example for play server but also done
in our instance):

curl -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json"

The payload size in localinstance is quite similar to the one sending in
play server (both attached). However while our TTFB is (for instance) over
6000ms in our local server, the play server is almost immediate. No
different results observed after emptying our datavalue tables.

Any advice in terms of infrastucture is more than welcome.



Attachment: localinstance_payload.json
Description: application/json

Attachment: play_payload.json
Description: application/json

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