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Re: Separating Vertex from Divmod repo


On 07:38 am, cyli.ying.li@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Hi Ying,
> I'm excited to hear that you're interested in picking up Vertex maintenance!

Hi!  And um... maybe?  :D  I actually don't know the codebase at all.
But I can do some administrivia associated if necessary.  :)  And I
can learn it I guess.

(btw, apologies for the formatting - I wasn't actually on the
divmod-dev mailing list, so this is copy-pasted from the archive and
edited to make it look as if I were top-posting -__-)

> > I've only found one unmerged branch that contains Vertex modifications
> > (please tell me if I've missed any):
> > https://code.launchpad.net/~alfred-54/divmod.org/divmod.org/+merge/158833
> >
> > I've tried to port the whole thing using (mostly, with some variations)
> > Florent's bzr fastimport commands:
> >
> > bzr fast-export divmod.org > full-history.fi
> > bzr fast-import-filter -i Vertex/ full-history.fi > vertex-history.fi
> > git init vertex-git
> > cd vertex-git
> > cat ../vertex-history.fi | git fast-import
> >
> > This unfortunately has the side-effect of losing any metadata =/  I
> > couldn't tell that metadata was being used in the Divmod repo though -
> > please correct me if I'm wrong.
> Hm.  Which metadata are you referring to?

I was looking at the --plain vs --no-plain option here:

The thing is I don't actually know what they mean by metadata.  Looks
like Florent used the --no-plain option, which I did at first, but
when I used git fast-import it gave me the following error:

    fatal: This version of fast-import does not support feature

I wasn't sure what kind of information was in there, or how to get at
it, but I imagine the commits could have issue tracker info like this?

Is there any such info, and would it be ok to lose it?

I looked into other git-bzr type plugins, but it seems like they use
fast-import internally too.


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