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Current state of Slingshot


Hello everyone,

Those of us who test daily builds regularly probably remember xapantu's
clutter-based Slingshot; it was merged to trunk branch and was available
from daily PPA for a while, but then it was reverted to the old Cairo-based
version because it introduced new bugs that made Slingshot hardly usable.
However, it fixed a lot of older bugs too, and during the week or so during
which the clutter branch was in trunk, most bugs closed by it were marked
as fixed. Then it was reverted, but bugs were not. So now we have a bug
tracker reflecting a state of a branch other than trunk.

Moreover, the Cairo branch contained a lot of tricky bugs like character
corruption and disappearing pages which aren't present in Clutter branch. I
suppose it will be easier to fix up the Clutter branch for Luna than to
hunt all those insects in the Cairo one.

So I propose merging the Clutter-based branch back to trunk and building
upon it for Luna. It would be nice to fix
https://bugs.launchpad.net/slingshot/+bug/960374 beforehand, and probably
remove the code which causes X error for now (I believe the attempt at
low-level focus grabbing is malfunctioning). Other than that, it should be
in no worse shape than the Cairo-based version by now.

Also, there are some Slingshot fixes already which need review:

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff

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