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Re: Dynamic Notebook


On 06.05.2012 03:41, David Gomes wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> I emailed kalikiana about this a couple of weeks ago, but I still
> haven't got an answer, so I decided to ask you guys. Which notebook
> will we use for Luna?
> On Pantheon Terminal, our main branch is using Gtk.Notebook, and we
> have a branch that uses Granite's Cairo DynamicNotebook.
> Kalikiana made a pure Gtk DynamicNotebook, which was going to be
> merged on Granite. So, when will this merge be done, or will it be done?
> With or without merge, which notebook should I use? I want to release
> a stable version of the terminal as soon as possible and I really need
> to know this.
I think you mean "tom" when you say "kalikiana"? :-P

I haven't had the time to check its latest state. At this point I'm a
bit concerned about rushing for a notebook that's been rewritten a few
times. I think it's crucial that it will cover our expectations in the
future without breaking API. It doesn't have to be perfect but we don't
want to start over and over.

We could arrange a "notebook" meeting with any interested developers
later this week or weekend.


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