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Re: Notifications


Hey, that looks good. In regard to your questions:

> Does it sound like a good idea?

It's working nicely in GNOME Shell, and personally I find actions in
notifications really useful. In my opinion they make a lot of sense in some
cases, like when you get notified of a message from a friend. A
go-to-conversation button would probably make a lot of sense there.
> How would we go about implementing it?
The API is already there. libnotify provides support for adding actions, so
it's easy to add support for action buttons to our apps. Currently, these
are only shown when using GNOME Shell AFAIK, since notify-osd has no
support for them.

> What would it look like?
It depends on how you implement it on the server side (notify-osd,
pantheon-notify, etc.). Mockup time!

> What problems could it create?
Apart from increasing the workload for pantheon-notify's dev(s), I don't
see any other problem.

> What problems could it solve?
Interesting question. Let's see what others say :)


On Mon, Jul 2, 2012 at 6:11 PM, Cassidy James <c@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hey Devs,
> I was catching up on some Android developer things from I/O last week and
> came across something nifty regarding notifications. In Android 4.1, Google
> has added a "big content view" to the notifications, actually pretty
> similar to our idea with the expanded Pantheon Notification. However,
> they've expanded on that: Actions.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Yc8YrVc47TI#t=1917s (Link
> should point to 31:57)
> With actions, users can quickly and easily perform a relevant action
> without even going to the app. For example, you could have a "Like" button
> on a Facebook notification, "Reply" and "Archive" buttons on an email
> notification, etc. Basically the developer can make it faster for users to
> perform a few actions. Of course they're pretty strictly-controlled by the
> platform so that developers don't get carried away; in Android, you can add
> up to three actions.
> I think it would be an interesting route to look into. With Pantheon
> Notifications we already have an "expanded view" on hover, and it might be
> nice to let developers add a few actions to the notifications. What I want
> to know from all of you is:
>    - Does it sound like a good idea?
>    - How would we go about implementing it?
>    - What would it look like?
>    - What problems could it create?
>    - What problems could it solve?
> Of course this is just me throwing an idea out there; I'm not saying it's
> an idea we have to run with or even that it's a good idea. I simply have
> been enjoying this feature on my phone this past week and wanted to see if
> we could brainstorm something similar for on the desktop.
> Regards,
> Cassidy James
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