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Hey Devs,

I was catching up on some Android developer things from I/O last week and
came across something nifty regarding notifications. In Android 4.1, Google
has added a "big content view" to the notifications, actually pretty
similar to our idea with the expanded Pantheon Notification. However,
they've expanded on that: Actions.

should point to 31:57)

With actions, users can quickly and easily perform a relevant action
without even going to the app. For example, you could have a "Like" button
on a Facebook notification, "Reply" and "Archive" buttons on an email
notification, etc. Basically the developer can make it faster for users to
perform a few actions. Of course they're pretty strictly-controlled by the
platform so that developers don't get carried away; in Android, you can add
up to three actions.

I think it would be an interesting route to look into. With Pantheon
Notifications we already have an "expanded view" on hover, and it might be
nice to let developers add a few actions to the notifications. What I want
to know from all of you is:

   - Does it sound like a good idea?
   - How would we go about implementing it?
   - What would it look like?
   - What problems could it create?
   - What problems could it solve?

Of course this is just me throwing an idea out there; I'm not saying it's
an idea we have to run with or even that it's a good idea. I simply have
been enjoying this feature on my phone this past week and wanted to see if
we could brainstorm something similar for on the desktop.

Cassidy James

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