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Luna Check Up


Hey Guys,

Just thought I'd give a quick rundown of the beta-1 milestone:

Cerbere - Looks like we have all the beta-1 bugs fixed! Did we forget to
target any other bugs or can we make a release?

Contractor - we have 3 bugs to fix here. One crasher, one
translation-related, and one we could probably solve by splitting contracts
into separate packages (not shipping them with Contractor itself).

Files - only 2 bugs here. One seems pretty bite size, just adding/chaning a
CSS class. Another seems more difficult and something we might want to
retarget to another milestone.

Gala - lots of bugs here. We could use all the help we can get.

Granite - only 1 bug and it has a linked branch. Can we get a review on
this branch? Also, can we then make a Granite release or did we have some
other bugs to target?

Noise - soo many bugs. This one needs help as well.

Libpantheon - two bugs here, one with a patch and another with a branch.
Can we get these reviewed and figure out where we're at?

Greeter - 6 reports here.

Terminal - 6 bugs. A few of them look pretty bite size.

Scratch - 3 bugs. Two of them need design input. I'll try to get that
figured out. The last one is a sensitivity thing and I'm thinking it's
probably not a super difficult fix.

Slingshot - 6 bugs. a few of them just popped up so we might be able to
track the regression pretty easily.

Switchboard - 7 bugs. couple of these we could probably move to a later
milestone since they're more wish list. Some of the other ones are pretty
legit. Definitely need to get this sorted.

Wingpanel - 2 bugs. one shortcut thing and one multi-monitor problem.

So as you can see we have a few projects that are very close to release:
Cerbere, Granite, Contractor, Files, Scratch, Wingpanel. Let's knock these
out really quick and get 'em out of our faces so we can concentrate on
cleaning up the ones that really need help!

Best Regards,

Daniel Foré


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