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Re: Vedo - Lightweight mplayer2 front-end for elementary OS


2012/7/22 Cody Garver <codygarver@xxxxxxxxx>

> I consider using mplayer2 cheating.
> ...
> I know Xubuntu are and I would bet Lubuntu might be looking for a player
> to use as default in their distributions.

Distributions cannot ship mplayer2 as well as any other project that relies
on ffmpeg/libav because of multiple legal issues with libavcodec. You can
look up Ubuntu technical board resolution 2007-01-02 for details on the
A stripped-down non-multiverse version of libavcodec exists Ubuntu repos;
I'm not sure if it was taken into account back in 2007, though. That
libavcodec variant originates from Debian, so more recent discussions from
other distros are not useful.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary