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About translations in elementary


translating some elementary apps in Italian I noticed very bad
translations. For example, I found the following translation in

Keep this paste private -> Mantenere questa pasta privato
I'm sure you know what "pasta" is and what "paste" means :)

Well, as translations can be (and are) used to evalutate quality of
applications, I propose to add our translators teams in Launchpad
Translators team [1] in order to get help and provide better
translations. Setting the permissions policy as "Structured" (and
Launchpad Translators as team) will allow us (and Launchpad
Translators members) to approve only good translations. People will
still be able to add suggestions but they will be approved only by a
member of the team.

Thank you,
Devid Antonio Filoni

[1] https://launchpad.net/~launchpad-translators

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