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Re: cronopete PPA



El 21/10/12 00:47, Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff escribió:
> As far as I can tell from the code, just running it from the postinst
> should be sufficient.

I added it in the postinst, but didn't work :?
>> By the way, I also want to discuss possible changes to adapt it more to
>> the Elementary philosophy. Example: if it's still unconfigured, should
>> it detect each time a new external drive is connected and offer to use
>> it as backup drive?
> Good question; perhaps that can be made an option in the dialog that pops
> up on connecting removable media.

That's exactly my proposal, and is how Time Machine does.

> I believe designers will take care of
> this as soon as Luna is out of the door. Right now they're preoccupied with
> the upcoming OS release.

Of course. I understand that, at this moment, everybody is working on
beta 1.
> By the way, is there an option to use btrfs or nilfs2 snapshots for storing
> revision data? Snapshots in btrfs are atomic and that seemed kinda
> promising for a time machine backend when I drafted
> https://blueprints.launchpad.net/elementaryos/+spec/time-machine

I've been thinking about that and, in theory, is possible, thanks to the
backends architecture I used for Cronopete. But, as usual, the devil is
in the details: can an user-space program make a snapshot or get access
to it, or will that need a daemon like udisk?

Anyway, currently BTRFS in Luna is quite unstable, because it's based on
Linux 3.2 (it can't even be used with the current version of Cronopete
because can fail to detect a Disk Full situation, which is needed to
erase old backups and make space for the new ones; that's why it only
accepts EXT3/4 and ReiserFS). The backup file system must be very
stable, so I think we should not rush into BTRFS until it is really,
really stable.

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