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Re: Picking up BeatBox


sorry for the late response!

It's been almost two years since you started working on BeatBox, and so far you've done an amazing job!

I think it would not be fair to let a project like BeatBox die, and this seems to be a good chance to put an end to the duplication of labor. Sadly, this doesn't happen under the circumstances we'd all have liked (joining forces instead of dropping one of the projects). I see that both projects have diverged a lot over the last months, and merging them back isn't a small/trivial task; doing it before Luna would be counterproductive.

I guess we could kill Noise as a project/brand, and move all the work to BeatBox, but the real merge wouldn't happen until L+1; I'd keep working on Noise under lp:beat-box. Would you agree with that?

It would be a shame if we shipped a player named "Noise" for Luna, and "BeatBox" for L+1. Using the same brand from the start is desired.

Thanks in advance for your replies. I understand if you don't agree with my solution. We can always discuss other alternatives.

P.S: I'm not talking on behalf of elementary. What you read above are just my personal thoughts.

El lun, 22 de oct 2012 a las 9:58 ,Scott Ringwelski <sgringwe@xxxxxxx> escribió: 
elementary dev,

Recently I have picked up on a new side project that I am putting 100% of my free time to, which means that I no longer have time for working on BeatBox. Although it is difficult for me to do, I'd like to pass the project off to an able team to maintain the project, and what better team than elementary.

I of course realize that you have Noise, but I do think that (core-wise) there are some advantages in BeatBox's recent core refractor that would otherwise take you a very long time to accomplish in Noise given nobody knows the core as well as I do. And, that said, we can all agree on the fact that BeatBox/Noise need(ed) a core refractor rather badly.

What I am proposing is a complete take over. It's yours to do as you please.

Regardless of your answer, I am looking forward to hearing back from you all.

-Scott (sgringwe)

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