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Re: OpenGL performance with Gala


Hi Sergey:

I'm not using the Catalyst driver (but yes, it's an AMD/ATI graphic
card). With the Catalyst there are, in addition, glitches in the picture
(like when a celluloid film "jumps" between frames). I'm using the free
Radeon drivers. The problems whith it are two:

  * slow FPS: the animations are jerky, I think about 20 fps or so. I
suspect this is due to the XWindows protocol, that produces a very big
delay when sending the XDamage signal.

  * big delay between a keypress and the reaction of the sprite: again,
I blame to the need of receiving the XDamage signal in the window
manager and render the whole frame from the application buffer into the

El 05/11/12 00:40, Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff escribió:
> Sergio, what GPU and driver do you have?
> If it's an AMD GPU with the proprietary driver, this is likely caused
> by the multitude of vsync bugs in catalyst, where vsync either doesn't
> work or causes a slideshow-like performance, e.g. on moving windows in
> Gala.
> According to http://limbogame.org/news/, Limbo runs via a WINE
> wrapper, and that causes even more issues with Catalyst, namely...
> vsync again. Unreal and Skyrim in WINE have terrible tearing under
> Unity2D (metacity) on my HD6770, for example.

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