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Re: We are drowning in bugs. Web Team, halp!!1


> I would like for the page to have a big searchbox to search bugs cross
> projects before reporting but I don't think that's possible

Right now bugs are reported via the "report problem" dockitem and are
assigned to elementaryos project.
We should probably teach people to use "AppMenu > About > Report a
problem" instead, that will report the bug to the relevant project
automatically. This will make LP's built-in duplicate check work
(right now a bug about Noise is reported to OS and is no longer
searchable if it gets moved to Noise project).

Apport also has a point-and-click mode in which you click the window
of the app you don't like to report a bug about it; might be useful
for shell components and the like. Perhaps the dock item should
default to it and the window should pop up and say "Click this window
if you're not sure what exactly malfunctioned"

> Top Bugs would be cool too for each project but again, probably not possible

It's possible: http://blog.launchpad.net/bug-tracking/bug-heat

In the long run, however, we should probably deprecate direct bug
reporting. The problem about the current system (questions and bugs
being strictly separate from each other) is that regular users can't
tell if it's a bug or just them if they cannot accomplish something;
all they know is that they're having a problem. So items that are
actually support requests often go to bugs section and items which are
bugs go to questions; after that users are requested to re-report the
item in the other tracker, often not very politely because developers
get tired of support requests in bug reports over time. What we need
is a combined support tracker with bug-o-question tickets that can be
*easily* elevated to bug reports or feature requests by supervisors.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary