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Re: We need to improve control over the translation teams.


We should never have created a custom translation team and should just
stick to Launchpad translator teams. It will take *a lot* of effort to
establish good coordination and develop guidelines that Ubuntu/Launchpad
translation teams have (I've worked in one for two years and observed a few
others, I know they do). I dare say we cannot afford this now.

Besides, I can't see the point of reinventing all that and fragmenting the
ecosystem even more. You see, there's no motivation for experienced
translators to join yet another translation team to access some projects.
They dwell in generic teams like Ubuntu/Launchpad translators and don't
have the time to mess with all this fragmentation. For example, none of the
applicants to Russian elementary translation teams seemed to have any
software translation experience at all, left alone being familiar with
GNOME or Ubuntu translation guidelines.

So let's PLEASE quit this NIH madness, disband the custom translation teams
and switch reviewer rights to the generic Launchpad Translators team ASAP.
Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary