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Re: Google Summer Of Code


Hi everyone,

i hope everyone is reading this thread carefully ;).

The situation is the following, we have from 18 march to 29 march time to send our application.

The schedule is here: http://www.google-melange.com/gsoc/events/google/gsoc2013 (scroll down)

I already created a Google Docs document regarding the question we need to answer in the application and shared it with "council@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" as i'm not sure if there is anyone against making that public visible (other organizations keep it hidden it seems, at least KDE does, but i don't want to decide that on my own if we publish that).

We need an administrator and a backup administrator, i think they just do the communication stuff with Google (AFAIK), i think cody or dan are suitable persons for that.

We also need mentors. Mentors are the people for tutoring the students, despite i'm not an official member yet of the elementary team, i'll just volunteer as i have the spare time do the job, so we have already one. The more the better!

Ok, before the people in #elementary are going to hurt me i'll end this message and hope for some replys :) (I already see fabian lurking around the docs page).

(Oh dear, my IRC-talk got documented for eternity and i haven't made a good joke about me and voldy)

Regards, Raphael "teemperor" Isemann

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