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Re: Mir Discussion with Jono


> 3. Canonical also has tools built around Mir that could enable us (and
> others) to easily “flash” our builds onto mobile devices using an
> Android/Mir base. This is probably the most unique/enticing part about
> using Mir.

Mer also provides this, and more. This is yet another thing that they
"borrowed" from Mer/Sailfish and now are advertising as their own creation
("yet another" because the whole "nextgen display server on Android
drivers" thing was developed by Sailfish developer for Wayland and Mer).

> I think the only thing we know 100% (even if we do have some other
> opinions) is that X is dying. We need to make an effort to remove any
> x-specific code from our apps and our shell and to move away from any
> libraries that we know won’t exist in a post-X world (like BAMF and WNCK).

The problem with this is that we cannot just move *away* and forget about
the functionality these libraries provide, we have move *to* something else
as well to provide that functionality. And it's not clear where we should
move until we make the display server choice.

The thing I'm 100% sure of is that we're sticking to X until at least
Ubuntu 14.04. It doesn't matter for applications if it will be with or
without XMir as system compositor, they're still interfacing with X.

We have a conservative and iterative cycle ahead of us. Let's wait and see
which of the display servers prevails, and make an *educated* decision for
L+2. We know very little about what either of the display severs will be in
a year from now, so any decision we make now is not a decision but

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary

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