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Fixin' Files


Hey guys,

So I didn't depart today as it was planned, so I'm up to a little hackathon.

Files has annoyingly crashy for months, and it still IS annoyingly crashy.
I can't order copying a large amount of data and be sure that it gets
copied before Files decides it's time to crash.

And we don't have Apport crash retracer working anymore (
http://pad.lv/1191366) and I'm pretty sure the segfault happens not where
the original bug is, but much later on.

To track down the original bug(s) causing that I'm going to compile it with
ElectricFence (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electric_Fence), run it in GDB,
see where it segfaults and post backtraces.

What I need help with is:

First, I have to add "-lefence" to the C compiler parameters in CMake and I
have little idea how to do that. This will make Files segfault exactly
where the original corruption happens and ease debugging greatly. It's much
more fun than trying to track down the crashes in regular builds!

Second, I totally suck at OOP so I probably won't be able to fix the
crashes even if I track them down. Anyone up for joining me in fixing this?

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary

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