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Re: about TDD (Test Driven Development)



Autopilot and Unit tests are not the same thing.
In fact, from the same Autopilot documentation:

Autopilot exists at the apex of the “testing pyramid”. It is designed to
test high-level functionality, and complement a solid base of unit and
integration tests. *Using autopilot is not a substitute for testing your
application with unit and integration tests!*. Autopilot is a very capable
tool for testing high-level feature functionality. It is not an appropriate
tool for testing low-level implementation details.

also we're not talking on mere theory or philosophy; we posted real code,
examples and documentation; also real-life experience. This is a sane



2013/9/3 Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff <sergey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Please make your energy useful in more useful ways
> Dear TTD proponents, while you keep spending lots of time on writing these
> mails and the time of all the other devs on reading them, ~alourie is
> looking into Autopilot and experimenting with writing tests using it.
> I encourage you to follow his example. Please stop wasting everyone's time
> and go read Autopilot tutorial<http://unity.ubuntu.com/autopilot/tutorial/tutorial.html>and write some tests instead of emails. You can find existing tests for GTK
> apps here<https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testcase/ubuntu-autopilot-tests/trunk>shall you need them.
> You can meet ~alourie in #elementary-dev if you want to catch up with what
> he's found so far. He's online most of the time, just keep in mind he's in
> GMT+4 timezone.
> --
> Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
> OS architect @ elementary

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