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Re: Wingpanel and Indicators, future?


Seeing as we still don't have a complete set of plugs for switchboard (and that seems to be a much simpler task), I wouldn't expect anything we start now to be ready for Isis unless we could hire someone to work on it full time.

Regarding systemd/upstart, I imagine that and Wayland will be the things that make moving to Debian really click. But that's another discussion. It's only relevant as far as saying I don't like tying ourselves to Ubuntu here ;)


Daniel Foré

On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 12:59 AM, Akshay Shekher <voldyman666@xxxxxxxxx>

>>Will they use upstart only to get the indicators started, or will there
> be a much tighter integration (like gnome with systemd)?
> in theory, yes we could use gnome-session we are not sure what they (Ubuntu
> guys) will do in the future.
>>Honestly it doesn't make sense to lock ourselves into upstart. SystemD is
> basically defacto at this point and I have a feeling we'll end up there.
> Even if we choose systemd we'll have to keep both upstart and systemd since
> all processes are started by upstart in ubuntu.
> Or
> we could switch to another distro and be safe for the future too
> Or
> we could wait for debian to decide (for like another 1-2 years?) and move
> to debian(?) or see what Ubuntu does. IMHO ubuntu won't abandon upstart.
> all the other things that you recommend (Dan) suggests that we make our own
> indicators framework (in which i'd like to borrow some concepts form Ubuntu
> too), it'll be a lot of work. We need a dev meeting where we can decide
> what/how this would work, divide the responsibilities and proceed. It will
> be a lot of work since we want to include it in Isis
> On Mon, Dec 9, 2013 at 2:12 PM, Pim Vullers <pim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> On 09-12-13 09:31, Akshay Shekher wrote:
>> > The *main problem* is that from 14.04 the indicators will use *upstart*
>> > and if we use upstart then the Pantheon Shell will rendered _Ubuntu
>> > Only_ and most other distributions (like arch) won't be able to use the
>> > desktop shell.
>> Will they use upstart only to get the indicators started, or will there
>> be a much tighter integration (like gnome with systemd)? If it is only
>> the starting of the indicators we can start them like it is done now
>> using gnome-session autostart.
>> Pim
>> P.S. As Pantheon on Gentoo user/maintainer I'm in favour of not using
>> upstart. (Not wanting to use systemd is why I dropped Gnome.)
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